Hazelle Rogers for Broward
Hazelle Rogers for Broward




Hazelle has a record of delivering for her community. Now more than ever Broward County is facing challenges that require leadership and a strong, people-centered focus. Here are some of the challenges Hazelle will focus on for District 9 and Broward County.

Infrastructure & Public Works2022-06-27T03:05:38-04:00

Broward County’s infrastructure is in need of major investments.
We’ve already started on the right path; expanding our Airport and investing in big road projects. Now, it’s time to take it a step further by investing in our seaport, beautification projects, and alleviating traffic through major streetscapes projects. As a County Commissioner, I will focus on properly synchronizing traffic signals, making our streets safer for drivers by advocating for additional bike and bus lanes, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. Our beautiful parks are the envy of the entire world and a worldwide attraction for tourists, that is why I will ensure that our County Commission look to invests in our parks and protect our green spaces.

Public Safety2022-06-27T03:07:03-04:00

The public safety of Broward County residents is important to me. When elected, I will work with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to combat crime. I will support our Sheriff’s Office by ensuring that they have the funding and resources they need to carry out their duties. A well-funded Sheriff’s Office is crucial to ensuring that we keep our residents and visitors safe. We must be proactive and prevent crime. That’s why I will support diversion programs for juveniles and non-violent offenders. We must work with all stakeholders, including the Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney, Public Defender, School System, and local governments to achieve and maximize crime prevention efforts.

Our jails must be reformed to ensure civil rights and the efficiency of our criminal justice system. Additionally, we have a Mental Health System that is underfunded. I’ll introduce legislation to fund Mental Health services. I will to support our 911-Dispatchers by ensuring they have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Working Families and Social Services2022-06-27T03:07:43-04:00

On the County Commission, I will be a champion for working families. Whether it’s the fight for fair wages, housing costs, food insecurity, or just everyday living obstacles, I will fight to make sure that Broward County’s working families are respected and protected.

Economic Development2022-06-27T03:08:16-04:00

Broward County must continue its partnerships with the private sector and work to develop and redevelop communities in the county. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of Broward’s partnership with cities and developers.

On the county commission, I will champion our County’s trade relations, support the Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo (FITCE), attract new businesses to our district, and support new businesses and small businesses as they develop. I will ensure our county is an Economic Engine by investing in Seaport and Airport infrastructure development programs that meet national competitive standards. I will also diversify our economy by working with the business community to ensure that our workforce reflect emerging industries.


I will fight to keep Broward County’s beaches pristine, protect our waterways from pollution, protect our parks and green spaces, and combat sea-level rise through common sense environmentally friendly policies.

Public Health2022-06-27T03:09:15-04:00

The past few years have shown us that readiness is an important factor in ensuring public health and managing emergencies. As your County Commissioner, I will listen to public health experts and those tasked with protecting the public from disease and pandemics. While Covid-19 numbers have decreased, it is still our obligation to ensure that the public has access to vaccines, Covid-19 tests, and treatment. Furthermore, I will work to make sure that low-income residents have access to high-quality affordable healthcare, by working with stakeholders to invest in more clinics, urgent care facilities, and programs for those who need them.


I will work to keep taxes as low as possible for Broward County residents and lobby for an increased homestead exemption. Additionally, I will do everything I can to combat the rising costs of property insurance, including tax credits for property owners affected by the high cost of insurance.


Our residents need competitive, higher-paying, high-quality jobs. Our county is growing and so must our private sector. While many companies have relocated to Broward County, we still have more work to do. I will welcome large and small businesses to Broward County, by keeping a low taxes environment to attract the best employers. I will advocate for youth apprenticeship programs, and trade programs to invest in the next generation of Broward County workers.


Efficient transportation must be a priority, to ensure that our residents and tourists can get to and from work and home. While Broward County has taken big steps forward through the Penny Sales Tax, that is just the beginning of the massive changes we must make to transportation.

  • Buses
    Firstly, we must expand our bus fleet, investing in greener and more efficient buses and, we must look at establishing more bus routes for our residents to ensure a faster, more accessible bus system.
  • Commuter Rail
    The Tri-Rail System and Brightline are great methods of transportation for our residents. We need to expand access to these rail options, by working to create more destinations and partnering with the private sector.
  • Alternate Modes of Transportation
    Buses and trains can’t be the only reliable mode of transportation for our residents. Alternative transportation options, like bikes and scooters, can be a benefit to our residents. That is why I will partner with the private sector to achieve this.
  • Airport Transit
    More transit options are necessary to ensure that residents and visitors can get to and from our Airport. I will work with stakeholders to expand access to transit from key destinations, such as the beach, the airport, malls, transit centers, and popular commercial destinations.
Affordable Housing2022-06-27T03:12:40-04:00

We are facing an affordable housing crisis. Rent is increasing, housing costs are on the rise, and working families are struggling to keep up. We have an obligation to our residents to not only build more affordable housing but to rein in the uncontrollably high cost of living. I will work with stakeholders to invest in public housing, and work to achieve homeownership for first-time homebuyers.

Arts & Entertainment2022-06-27T03:13:10-04:00

Broward County’s Arts & Entertainment programs attract tourism and must be prioritized for additional funding. As Commissioner, I will work to expand funding for the Arts.

Civil Rights & Equality2022-06-27T03:13:49-04:00

We all must do our part to make sure Broward County remain a free, fair, and equal place for all our residents to live, work, and play. I have a track record of fighting for civil rights and equality and, I will continue this fight as County Commissioner. No matter one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality; Broward County must remain to be a place that welcomes everyone.

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